Who is an Anti-Semite? Someone who hates Jews too much.

—Jewish-Hungarian proverb

But Zionism was a calculated risk in that it brought about the destruction of the reality of exile. The foes of Zionism certainly saw the risk more clearly than the Zionists.

—Gershom Scholem, interview with Muki Tsur

Everybody is somebody's Jew. And today the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis.

—Primo Levi, Il Manifesto
The debate surrounding Judith Butler's work on Israel and Zionism has arguably reached a new level of vitriol from various camps in the American Jewish establishment. Critics of her 2012 book Parting Ways have taken off the gloves in terms of their willingness to demonize, vilify, and excoriate Butler and her work.1 Many who never read her work but simply view her as a turncoat because of her support of BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) are even less subtle in their remarks. Those...

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