This is the first new edition of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises since its publication in 1926. A visually attractive and readable volume, it includes useful material such as early drafts of the novel and the discarded opening chapter that Hemingway cut at the urging of F. Scott Fitzgerald. What is disappointing is what is missing, notably a statement of editorial principles, as well as footnotes elucidating dated references and now-obscure allusions. Unfortunately, this “new” Sun has been edited, not by scholars, not by the professionals whom Hemingway admired, but by amateurs—family members who have not bothered to keep current with Hemingway scholarship and criticism. Not only are “Works Cited” and “Suggestions for Further Reading” lacking; so is any recognition in editor Seán Hemingway's “Introduction” that new and persuasive readings of Sun have emerged in the last quarter century.

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