Despite a growing body of scholarship on the works of Arthur Miller, numerous opportunities remain for further inquiry and study. This essay outlines what would be the most useful and engaging areas to pursue in consideration of what has so far been accomplished, and the upcoming release of a wealth of archival material at the Harry Ransom Center for Research in Texas. Prospects abound as much primary material has been neglected, and there is a growing need for newer bibliographies, detailed production histories, teaching guides, and varied other approaches to not only Miller's plays but also his work with film, his fiction, and his nonfiction writing. More can be accomplished in exploring those who influenced Miller and those whom he has influenced, as well as in undertaking deeper considerations of his development as a writer, particularly through the many manuscript drafts that will soon be available at the Ransom Center. Also, the realms of Miller's stagecraft and innovations are ripe for further study.

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