This third of a projected seventeen volumes covers the productive years when Hemingway revised and published The Sun Also Rises (1926), composed much of Men Without Women (1927), and wrote A Farewell to Arms (1929), the novel that made him world famous. The 345 letters, most of them published for the first time, are presented attractively—clear and eminently readable—and they are brilliantly annotated. In addition to a general index, the volume includes maps, a chronology, a roster of correspondents, a calendar of letters, and an index of recipients—all that a scholar or general reader could ask. Hemingway emerges here in his full humanity—polite letters to his Scribners editor Maxwell Perkins, affectionate letters to F. Scott Fitzgerald, profane letters to fellow writer Ezra Pound, grateful letters to his father, and touching requests that his mother get over her “pain and disgust” with his writing. It is truly an abundance of riches!

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