Cormac McCarthy studies is currently a vibrant and active field of inquiry that came along late in his career. A small group of scholars associated with the Cormac McCarthy Society and The Cormac McCarthy Journal initiated study of his novels in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Presently, particularly after the publication of the National Book Award–winning All the Pretty Horses in 1992, a new critical tradition has expanded, producing a number of essay collections and single-author books. These studies have dealt with a range of topics, from religious and philosophical inquiries to narratological analyses, and few of these topics have been exhausted. Much remains to be done. The topic of McCarthy's religio-philosophical concerns is broad and deep and invites further inquiry. In addition, influence and innovation, sociopolitical concerns, transnational and transcultural study, and ecocritical issues invite attention. These and other critical areas will advance in valuable ways our understanding of this important contemporary author.

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