“Posthumanism” denotes an increasing focus on women, the environment, machines, and animal-centered discourses instead of male-dominated narratives. The posthuman feminist field of research is one of the many emergent thematic discourses of existent posthumanisms. Posthuman feminist notions have almost always been the subject of discussion in Western academia. However, we intend to analyze the posthuman feminist discourse of a Pakistani technically mediated female subjectivity, an animated female superheroine—Burka Avenger—in order to initiate discussion on non-Western posthuman feminism. By analyzing the historical genealogy of Pakistani feminist activism, we establish that Burka Avenger contributes to two major discourses of Pakistani feminist struggle, the right to education and veiling debates. Through our analysis of the animated female subjectivity presented in this series, we contend that the protagonist is a Pakistani posthuman feminist figure because she challenges the established mental habits of Pakistani feminist struggle and prefigures an onto-epistemological shift.

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