As is well known, the term “posthuman” first appeared within the framework of postmodern art, to indicate certain “robotic” transformations involving the human being, and particularly the human body. At the core of posthuman thinking is the acknowledgement—sometimes a problematic celebration—that human identity is changing, both in biological and in symbolic terms, and that this change implies a radical transformation of the world and of the human way of being in the world.

Curated by Mauro Maldonato and Paolo Augusto Masullo, a psychiatrist and philosopher, respectively, this book includes contributions from scholars coming from both of the “two cultures,” which helps it touch on all the possible forms of posthumanism. Employing an analytical methodology with synthetic intention, it deals with topics ranging from the cultural, ethical, and social to the ontological, conceptual, and scientific.

The general aim of the volume is to reflect on the question What is man...

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