In this article, I show that by promoting a radical concept of goodness and thereby also the norm of negative freedom, we can limit the challenges related to the Internet panopticon, while we can enjoy the benefits connected with the knowledge we gain from scientific research concerning the power of genes. Initially, I stress the relevance of genetic technologies, and I particularly focus on the issue of gene analysis. Such analysis demands the use and the processing of the related information via the Internet, so that the issue of genetic privacy arises, which is different from traditional privacy issues, because it can also have consequences for other members of one’s biological family. Consequently, I deal with the question of privacy given the background of the Internet panopticon in which all of us live. Due to the totalitarian tendencies of the Internet panopticon, the question arises of how we can continue to benefit from the use of gene analysis without having to fear the dangers and privacy issues related to the Internet panopticon.

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