In Pennsylvania, the peak flea season occurs from May to August, but dogs can be affected by fleas, Ctenocephalides canis/felis, all year. Using a flea preventative all year is crucial because fleas spread diseases such as typhus. This study investigated whether there was a peak in flea cases in dogs at a midsized veterinary hospital in the fall and explored whether clients listen to recommendations to use preventative all year. The peak for flea cases during the fall was in October. There was a statistical difference in number of flea cases between dogs of different sizes (p = 0.003; 0.9% of all large dogs seen had fleas and 2% of all small dogs had fleas). Surveys determined clients’ buying habits and use of preventatives. Almost all clients recalled a veterinarian’s recommendation to use prevention all year, but only 64% complied. Fleas are present in Pennsylvania after August and clients need further education about the use of preventatives all year.

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