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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 95,
Issue 2
December 2021

About the Journal

The Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science publishes original papers, research notes, commentary, editorials, viewpoints, and review articles in the natural, physical, engineering, and social sciences. The journal is a publication of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

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Pennsylvania Academy of Science

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The Pennsylvania Academy of Science continues to achieve its goals: Advance the pursuit and application of science within the commonwealth, both in academic and industrial settings; enhance the professional development of its members; facilitate forums for professional dialogue among junior and senior scientists at all academic levels; promote scientific research, presentation and discussion among its members and the public at large; and support educational initiatives devoted to the development of scientific skills and knowledge. The Pennsylvania Academy of Science also develops and supports Science Education programs promoting: the reality of science as a structured process necessary for intellectual discovery; the importance of scientific diversity; collaboration and sharing among the sciences and the public; and the academic pursuit of scientific studies among students.

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