Environmental studies have become popular, and Steven Petersheim’s excellent recent book, Rethinking Nathaniel Hawthorne and Nature: Pastoral Experiments and Environmentality (Lexington Books, 2020), is the first book-length study to engage completely with this topic in connection to Hawthorne. Other relevant groundbreaking general literary studies about ecosystems, nature, place, and literature include those by Kent C. Ryden (Sum of the Parts: The Mathematics and Politics of Regions, Place, and Writing, U of Iowa P, 2011, along with his earlier work), and Matthew Wynn Sivils (American Environmental Fiction, 1782–1847, Routledge, 2014).

A special issue on Hawthorne and the environment is planned for an upcoming Nathaniel Hawthorne Review. Please send proposals/abstracts of 250–400 words by August 28, to Monika Elbert (elbertm@montclair.edu) and to CJ Scruton (cj.scruton.writes@gmail.com). Final essays should be 6,000–7,500 words, and will be due by January 15, 2023.

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