The article documents Moravian efforts to extend missionary activities from coastal to central Labrador during the second half of the nineteenth century and highlights the evangelization of fellow Inuit at Snooks Cove near Rigolet in 1871/72 by the Hopedale Inuk Jacobus and several companions. The missionary activities of Jacobus are placed in the wider nineteenth-century Moravian context of stimulating increased aboriginal participation among mission churches worldwide. In Labrador, such greater involvement of Inuit in the life of their church was particularly encouraged by Bishop Levin Theodor Reichet, a member of the Unity Elders Conference in Germany, during and after his visitation journeys to Labrador in 1861 and 1874. Appended to the article is a translation from German of Jacobus's original Inuktitut account about his evangelistic activities at Snooks Cove.

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