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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 7,
Issue 2
September 2023

About the Journal

Libraries: Culture, History, and Society aims to study libraries within their broader historical, humanistic, and social contexts. In addition to Library Science, the journal welcomes contributors from History, English, Literary Studies, Sociology, Education, Gender/Women’s Studies, Race/Ethnic Studies, Political Science, Architecture, Anthropology, Philosophy, Geography, Economics, and other disciplines. The only journal in the United States devoted to library history, LCHS positions library history as its own field of scholarship, while promoting innovative cross-disciplinary research on libraries’ relationships with their unique environments.

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About the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association

Founded in 1947, the Library History Round Table is an inclusive and diverse organization that supports anyone who is interested in the history of libraries. It facilitates communication, provides thought-provoking programs, offers awards for outstanding research, and is active in issues, such as preservation, that concern all library historians.

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