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Current Issue
Volume 29,
Issue 2
December 2023

About the Journal

The Langston Hughes Review publishes articles and reviews on Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance, and cultural figures whose contributions and aesthetics are related to Hughes’s. In addition, LHR publishes poems and visual art. We envision artists in multiple media and scholars of the following disciplines as our primary audience: English, History, African American Studies, Women’s Studies, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Art History, Ethnomusicology, and Law.

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Langston Hughes Society (LHS)

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Founded in 1981, the Langston Hughes Society (LHS) was the first scholarly association named in honor of an African American writer. The LHS is a national association of scholars, teachers, creative and performing artists, students, and lay persons who seek to increase awareness and appreciation of Langston Hughes (1 February 1902 – 22 May 1967), the first African-American writer to make his living solely by his pen.

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