Stancetaking is a crucial element of a language user's pragmatic competence. This study presents Korean language teaching materials and activities geared to help learners expand their linguistic repertoire for stancetaking. Based on the findings from Jeong's conversation analytic study (2018) on -nya and -ni as divergent and convergent alignment markers, respectively, the present study proposes a 60-minute lesson aimed at teaching the pragmatic functions of -nya and -ni to intermediate level learners of Korean. Included in the lesson are diverse and engaging teaching resources grounded in authentic dialogues as well as dialogues created to reflect relevant research findings. This study demonstrates how conversation analysis (CA) findings of interactional practices or pragmatic functions of linguistic items in Korean can be a useful basis for developing intriguing Korean language teaching materials/activities that reflect authentic language use. The present study is thus a significant attempt to bridge CA findings and Korean language pedagogy to improve Korean language learners' pragmatic competence.

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