This forum presents lesson plans on the topic of family for high school students at the beginning level in the public school system in areas where many community members speak Korean. The lessons would typically be taught in week 8 as part of the unit entitled, “Personal and Family Life,” which has a total of 20 lessons. Since this is the first unit, students' ability for speaking and writing Korean is very limited, while they should have learned how to introduce themselves using name, school year, school, and nationality, and to produce the copula verb and existence verb. For this topic on the family, students will learn family-related terminology and action verbs in simple present tense in order to talk about family events and Chu-suk and compare it with Thanksgiving. This unit plan meets the national 5C and state standards. The objectives are to enable students to use Korean to talk and write about their own family as well as to demonstrate understanding of Korean culture related to families (e.g., family relationship, family events). They should be able to compare this information with American culture through these lessons.

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