Despite the complexity and importance of sociolinguistic knowledge in the Korean language, KFL textbooks and curriculum fall short in incorporating sociolinguistic issues due to their focus on grammar and communication. To address this challenge, this paper introduces an advanced level content-based course in which online TV shows of various genres in addition to readings on Korean sociolinguistics are effectively utilized to enhance sociolinguistic competency. That is, students watch relevant online TV shows not only for content but also to analyze the language with the sociolinguistic tools gained from the lecture and readings on given topics such as honorifics/address terms, gender and language, dialects, and internet language. Furthermore, the results of student questionnaires and interviews on the effect of sociolinguistic knowledge on their L2 in ter language upon completion of the course are reported. Finally, we discuss the pedagogical implications of explicit sociolinguistic instruction in KFL curricula at all levels.

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