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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 26,
Issue 2
July 2023

About the Journal

The Journal for the History of Rhetoric (JHR) is the peer-reviewed publication of the American Society for the History of Rhetoric. JHR (formerly called Advances in the History of Rhetoric) publishes high-quality scholarship on all historical aspects of rhetoric, in all historical periods, and with reference to all intellectual, national, and cultural communities. The journal not only welcomes contributions from scholars who take diverse historical approaches to the study of rhetoric, it also seeks to broaden the realm of historical inquiry into rhetoric by publishing essays that investigate topics, texts, and controversies that have not typically been included in the canon of rhetorical history.
The scope of JHR includes, but is not strictly limited to, the following matters of historical research (listed alphabetically): argumentation, public address, relations of rhetoric with other disciplines or cultural institutions, processes, and event, rhetorical criticism, rhetorical discourse, rhetorical instruction in writing and speaking, rhetorical theory (from a historical perspective), and the rhetoric of social movements.

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American Society for the History of Rhetoric

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The American Society for the History of Rhetoric (ASHR) offers rhetoricians multiple points of entry and enthusiasm. It is fitting that the word “society” should lead this welcome, since rhetoricians understand better than most the importance of gathering with others for a common purpose; moreover, being a rhetorician today (as in plenty of other days) can be a dispiriting business, and sociality helps. The common purpose this particular society sustains is the study of rhetoric as a historically situated cultural practice. Accordingly, ASHR’s programming—from panels organized for its annual NCA unit, to papers given at its biennial symposia, to articles published in its journal—promotes discussion about strains and domains of rhetoric in all historical periods, cultural contexts, and theoretical guises.

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