The article discusses the excavation of Theban Tomb 187 from a materiality and heritage perspective. TT 187 is located in the Neferhotep (TT 49) tomb complex in el-Khokha. The tomb provides evidence of various phases of reuse, exhibiting ancient and modern temporalities in its final deposition contexts. People from communities near Luxor used to live close to and inside tombs in the Theban necropolis, interacting on a daily basis with heritage sites and thereby affecting the ancient necropolis's materiality, which encompasses the relationships between the site, its human agents and its landscape. The article proposes a perspective that emphasizes the entanglements of temporalities at TT 187, which define the formation processes of the archaeological record. Our aim is to identify and discuss the possibilities of material engagements in the Theban necropolis, considering both ancient and modern people as social agents that shaped the site.

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