Morag Kersel's article is a valuable, clearly expressed contribution. There is a problem of storage of archaeological finds; its causes and possible remedies require discussion.

An important observation, which shifts the focus of the discussion, concerns the distinction between two kinds of antiquities. For the sake of simplicity let us call them goodies and bulk items. The definitions vary between scholars, places, and times. Status is also determined by context; for example, being exhibited in a museum gives an object a certificate of value, making it a “museum piece” (Carman 2010). For the present discussion, however, we can use a general definition.

Goodies are rare, or at least not very common, antiquities, usually complete or restorable and/or aesthetically pleasing (Figs. 1–2). They are treasures for their scientific, artistic, educational, and national reasons, but also literally, because they have monetary value. Think about gold coins, marble...

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