Palmyra, renowned for its historical significance and cultural richness, fell victim to the ravages of conflict, leaving its architectural wonders in ruins and its community displaced. This article explores the transformative potential of community-led reconstruction in safeguarding Palmyra’s heritage. By intertwining tangible restoration with the revitalization of intangible traditions, this holistic approach seeks to empower the Palmyrene community, reignite cultural pride, and foster social cohesion. Drawing inspiration from successful models of community involvement in heritage restoration, such as Timbuktu in Mali and Al-Resafa in Syria, the article envisions a future where the Palmyrenes become active participants in the restoration of their city’s identity. Through capacity-building initiatives, awareness-raising programs, and inclusive decision-making processes, the Palmyrenes can reconstruct the intangible threads that connect them to their past. By placing the community at the forefront of preservation efforts, this article proposes a pathway toward healing, resilience, and the revival of Palmyra’s timeless legacy.

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