This study's purposes were to further develop reliable grading assessment learning perception (GALP) scales, and investigate their relationships to two distinct self-reported post-graduation outcomes: securing a full-time job versus securing a full-time job consistent with one's major. GALP measures student perceptions that the grading methods used best reflect their course knowledge and skills. Two semesters of senior business undergraduates (Fall 2016, n = 417 and Spring 2017, n = 857) were sampled. Four GALP scales—Individual Engagement, Team-based, Exam-based, and Individual Creative—were identified. Logistic regression analyses showed that beyond internship experience, Individual Creative GALP was significantly related to post-graduation employment. We argue that adding one closed-response item on a university-level teaching evaluation form asking students if the grading methods used in a course best reflected the student's course knowledge and skills would be useful, particularly if followed by an open item, where students could add their thoughts.

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