From 2006 to 2012 Qatar University transitioned from doing no program level outcomes-based assessment of student learning to implementation of a robust, effective, and institutionally pervasive Student Learning Outcomes Assessment System (SLOAS) that is characterized by a high level of compliance and meaningful improvements to both learning and assessment processes. Keys to the success of the implementation have been support from campus leadership, creation of a structure and processes that support assessment at all levels, and an intensive program of faculty development and faculty incentives. A unique feature of the system is the auditing of annual program assessment reports by external experts. Comparison of results from the fourth and fifth years of the implementation suggest the following trends: a relatively high and increasing tendency to identify learning improvements involving revisions of curriculum and courses, a low and decreasing tendency to identify learning improvements that cost money, and a high and increasing tendency to make changes to assessment processes that make them more meaningful and more manageable.

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