Hosman, in Saxon dialect - Hultsmänjen, Hultsmońen-and German-Holzmengen-belongs Nocrich common, Sibiu is located 8 km from Nocrich, 24 km from Sibiu and 36 Agnita city. In old documents the settlement is called when Holzmenia (1319) when Holzmengen (1479) names that could come from Holz = wood, charcoal = lots, is lots of wood. The fortress was built in the foothills and surrounding Romanesque church surrounded around the year 1270. At first it had three ships, an apse of the altar and belfry with five levels. Late Romanesque portal is similar to those in Avrig decoration, jerky, all influenced by the Cathedral of Alba Iulia site where German or Austrian master mason came. The church is surrounded by two walls cavities. Tower-gate, three levels high and protected by Hers is located in the northwest area where the walls meet the two chambers. Some masters or journeymen in Vienna who have not found work on site in Alba Iulia tried to earn money in the village and thus reached Hosman, where they built the great portal, modeled their home cathedral, St. Stephen in Vienna . Architectural style is Romanesque, Romanesque basilica with a western tower of the XIII century was amended according to the fifteenth century defense techniques. For it was demolished and constructed a lateral double surrounding wall. Gate tower still has the original sealing a grill falling.

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