The nineteenth century Romanian society was going through a vast modernization process. Political life was no exception. It was in this context that numerous political parties made their appearance on the public stage, although the majority had only a temporary existence.

The political party named “The free and independent faction” is an interesting addition on the public stage. Anti-dynastic, had it been in their powers, they would have banished Prince Carol I of Romania. Their dream was to see a “Romanian ruler on a Romanian throne”. Their importance lies in the overwhelming influence they had in Moldova, a Romanian province. They played a decisive role in Parliament, because their votes brought the power in the hands of the Liberals or the Conservatives.

This paper aims to present a main aspect of this group's ideology, to analyze the impact of their anti-Dynastic ideas and relate them to the person of Charles I and the foreign policy promoted by him. The study will also analyze the route of this party ideological ideas, in this case the anti-Dynastic ones, since its appearance on the public stage, to the point where they disappear as a political group, from public discontent to acceptance and even appreciation. Their beliefs are, as the study will point out, in close relation with the influence of Simion Barnutiu, the individual believed to be the group's mentor.

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