Written by Harold Pinter, directed by Joseph Losey, The Servant (1963) was and continues to be a masterpiece. Restored in 2013 in honor of its fiftieth anniversary, I had the opportunity recently to see a screening of the film in a small theatre. Of course, the screening was pre-COVID.

The film was introduced by James Fox, who plays the young, aristocratic master to Dirk Bogard's devious servant. He agreed to let me print his words in The Harold Pinter Review:

Thank you for asking me to introduce The Servant tonight and for screening it. I'm delighted it still has such a permanent place in the affection of film lovers, after over fifty years.

Many happy coincidences went into my being cast as Tony; Sarah was wanted for Vera, and we were going out at the time, Dirk had seen me recently in a TV play, my father, also my...

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