FRANK MERRITT, a theatre manager

GEORGE WETHERLY, the master electrician

LESTER, assistant electrician

Late evening on a night in 1946. The stage of a theatre somewhere in the Midwest.

The lights come up on the stage of an empty theatre, as seen from the house. There are wings (curtains) on either side of the stage, which is dimly lit by work lights (i.e., permanent overhead fixtures rather than stage spotlights). There are some pieces of furniture or scenery around the edges of the stage that are covered with dust cloths. From the distance off-stage right can be heard the sound of a radio playing a tune from 1946.


A man, GEORGE WETHERLY, enters from stage left, limping a bit, and sets a “ghost light” in place in the center of the stage (a “ghost light” is a bare incandescent bulb on a portable stand, which is always...

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