A few days ago, Brid Keenan and Joëlle Gartner, codirectors of The Gestalt Centre Belfast, informed me (JM) that Seán Gaffney had died. His passing did not surprise me, for he had been in declining health for a number of years. But I somehow believed he would live forever.

Seán was a big personality. It was impossible to meet him and not be impacted. Over the many years I knew him, we ate, drank, talked, fought, hugged, and laughed throughout many countries around the world, the last time being in St. Petersburg, Russia, a few years ago.

Seán was a man of the world. Irish by birth, he spent much of his life in Sweden when he was not traveling the globe teaching at various institutes. He was faculty/guest faculty at Gestalt Institutes worldwide (I stopped counting at ten).

Along with the late Edwin Nevis, he created and led the...

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