The Journal of General Education values, champions, and rewards practicing the arts of liberty in all realms of higher education, including in the publishing process. We are especially grateful to the following reviewers for exemplifying the arts of liberty in their reviews for this special, double issue. We honor their unseen but enriching work, which they donated to our collective growth as scholars and teachers. In alphabetical order, we recognize:

  • Patrick Anderson, Grand Valley State University

  • Cassie Barnhardt, University of Iowa

  • April Carpenter, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

  • Kimberly Crews, University of the District of Columbia Community College

  • Martin Erikson, University of Boras

  • Mary Homan, Medical College of Wisconsin

  • Francine Hultgren, University of Maryland College of Education

  • David Lane, Rice University

  • Bethany Laursen, Michigan State University

  • Taylor Mills, Michigan State University

  • April Munson, Kennesaw State University

  • Elizabeth Niehaus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Marlene Preston, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University...

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