The public domain is a swamp, or a valley of ashes.

—Charles Scribner III, in conversation, 25 January 2021
Copyright protection for The Great Gatsby expired on 1 January 2021. The novel has entered the public domain. I was curious to examine the new editions that would be coming out. I anticipated low-priced paperbacks, mid-priced student editions, and high-priced gift editions. I ordered (mostly from Amazon) all print editions published in 2020 or 2021. Over a period of several weeks I received and examined a total of thirty-four new editions. Possibly there are other new editions, but I believe I have acquired them all.1

In what follows, I will concentrate for the most part on the texts and physical characteristics of these editions, rather than on prefaces, introductions, and ancillary material. I will address several questions. Is a base text declared? How are the various textual cruxes handled?...

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