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Current Issue
Volume 44,
Issue 2
August 2023

About the Journal

The Eugene O’Neill Review publishes authoritative peer-reviewed essays and notes, aimed primarily at a community of scholars with a keen interest in O’Neill’s life and writings. Studies might focus on theatrical or literary history, including biography, or on critical interpretation or pedagogy. Consideration will be given to submissions on topics relevant to but not centrally concerned with O’Neill, including comparative work and work on O’Neill’s colleagues and collaborators in the Provincetown Players and elsewhere. Diverse methods and perspectives are encouraged; clear, correct, and readable prose is expected. By commission, we publish little-known or rediscovered documents, with appropriate contextualizing (Lost & Found); variously configured discussions among theater makers and other specialists (Practitioners’ Colloquia); reviews of dramatic performances and pertinent books; and reports of newly opened or augmented archives. Occasionally we publish creative work that represents or invokes O’Neill.

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Eugene O'Neill Society

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The Eugene O'Neill Society is devoted to the promotion and study of the life and works of Eugene O’Neill and the drama and theatre for which his work was in large part the instigator and model. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in O’Neill as an artist, in the American theatre, and in the purpose of the Society; which is to promote and maintain worldwide study of O’Neill by keeping his work alive in performances on stage, film, television, radio, and the internet; encouraging historical and critical writing; amassing historical documentation; and sponsoring publications devoted to O’Neill and his plays.

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