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Current Issue
Volume 39,
Issue 1
May 2023

About the Journal

Edith Wharton Review is a peer-reviewed, MLA-indexed, scholarly journal publishing scholarship on Edith Wharton, Wharton in the context of other authors, and Wharton in relation to other writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its audience is the community of scholars and readers dedicated to the understanding of Edith Wharton’s work and its role in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century culture.

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The Edith Wharton Society

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The Edith Wharton Society, founded by Professor Annette Zilversmit, met for the first time on December 17, 1983, at the MLA Convention in New York City. Since that time, members of the Society have seen Edith Wharton take her place in the canon of important American literary figures. We are proud of the role that the Society has played in fostering Wharton scholarship.

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