The PSA panel at the MLA drew a large crowd, so we're assured that many more people are now aware of the joint International Poe & Hawthorne Conference to be held in Kyoto in June 2018; Sandra Hughes, chair of the conference, was at the panel to announce conference details and hand out flyers. The CFP appears on the back cover. PSA members should be aware that because of the generosity of Susan Jaffe Tane, travel grants once again will be available to help PSA members participate in this PSA-sponsored international conference. Details on how to apply for the Tane travel grant will become available as conference planning proceeds.

Another international Poe conference is in the works in Spain sponsored by the Edgar Allan Poe Spanish Association. Below is the description of the conference from the organizing committee via Santiago Rodriguez Guerrero-Strachan:

The Edgar Allan Poe Spanish Association will hold...

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