The purpose of this article is to show how the academic studies on Poe have been developed during the first fifteen years of the twenty-first century in Spain. To achieve this goal, the critical editions of Poe's works published from 2000 on, along with the works of literary criticism composed around Poe's life and works, will be analyzed. The year 2009, with the celebration of Poe's two-hundredth anniversary, was a turning point where many works were produced and many scholars focused on the works of Poe. Many books, articles, and new editions were produced in every research field; but they were not the only ones who made this effort of paying attention to Poe: Spanish students also got involved in some of the activities that took place during this year. Short stories, poems, Poe's life and travels, his influence in later authors on both sides of the Atlantic, and many other aspects were explored. This article will try to offer an overview of all these new publications and how they were received by the Spanish audience, being acquainted the idea that Poe was (and he is still) unknown for most Spaniards, who only have heard of him as an author of horror stories.

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