UnSita Unfinished with Mama Sita is an excerpt from The Devi Diva Triad, a solo performance presented at the United Solo Festival in Manhattan, 2014, in which I contend with three “divine” personas as shards of my kaleidoscopic self and the issues that I deal with every day as a diasporic woman of Sindhi Hindu origin born and bred in the Philippines, sojourned in the United States for thirty years, and now back in Manila. Sita personifies for me an iconic archetype that needs to be toppled from her exalted pedestal so that she can really tell you and I why we are here grappling with these perennial human/inhumane concerns of injustice and inequality. In this monologue, I refuse to celebrate Divali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. So Mama Sita, the paragon of Hindu womanhood and the Queen of the great epic Ramayana seeks to set my head straight.

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