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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 20,
Issue 1
March 2023

About the Journal

Comedia Performance publishes articles on diverse aspects of performance of the Spanish comedia and other early modern theatrical forms. Appropriate subjects for articles include, but are not limited to, historical or modern staging of the comedia, translating the comedia for the stage, performance theory, textual issues pertaining to performance, historical issues such as audience composition, corral design, costuming, blocking, set design, and spectator response. Comedia Performance does not publish text-based literary studies. The journal also publishes interviews with directors and actors, theater reviews, and book reviews.

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Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, Inc.

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Comedia Performance is the official journal of the Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, an international organization devoted to the study of the comedia and other forms of early modern Spanish theater. It was chartered as a non-profit organization in 1984 to promote and foster greater appreciation for Spain’s classical drama in production. The Association counts among its members literary scholars, theatrical directors and producers, teachers, and other aficionados of Spain’s Golden Age of Theater.

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