Enroule-toi, vent, autour de ma nouvelle croissance
pose-toi sur mes doigts mesurés
je te livre ma conscience, et son rythme de chair.
(Coil, wind, around my new growth
light on my cadenced fingers
to you I surrender my consciousness, and its flesh-made rhythm.)
—Aimé Césaire, Cahier d'un retour au pays natal
Pensées poèmes scalpel
Et glaise
Pour opérer un art de vivre
À l'usage d'une vie finie—
Un peu d'air qui traverse les poumons de la vie.
(Thoughts poems scalpel
And clay
To operate an art of living
for use in a finite life—
A little air crossing the lungs of life.)
—Lorand Gaspar, from Derrière le dos de Dieu

If the term “interface” indicates effective communication between systems, networks, concepts, or circumstances that may, in some ways, be incompatible with one another, then it seems to be a useful term on which to base a study of two major...

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