Tilde Rosmer’s book joins the extensive and up-to-date literature published in the last decade on the Islamic Movement in Israel, which engages with diverse perspectives.1 Scholars in this field face a complex challenge to faithfully reflect emerging trends discussed by members and leading figures in the Islamic Movement and to reflect objectively on current developments.

The book relies on secondary sources, as well as diverse and up-to-date primary sources including websites and articles published in the Israeli press in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, which were collected by the author in the years 2008–2015 (16–19). It also combines interviews with key leaders from both branches of the Islamic Movement in Israel (16); which is, without a doubt, an impressive research achievement.

The author’s interviews, which were mostly conducted in Arabic through an interpreter or in English (20), provide a glimpse, even if only partially, into the ideological world of the...

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