The two authors, Laurent Bonnefoy and Ginny Hill, are both longtime observers of Yemeni politics and draw on years of living in and studying Yemen to produce two highly timely accounts of the events that have led to the current conflict in Yemen. Laurent Bonnefoy has produced a thoroughly researched and compelling analysis that makes a solid contribution to Yemen studies by providing an insightful look at Yemeni international interactions over the past two centuries. Ginny Hill's book combines an extensive reading of English language literature on Yemen with personal accounts of meetings with key Yemeni actors, as well as anecdotes from her time living and researching in Yemen. The result is an accessible account that focuses on internal power struggles leading up to the current conflict. The approaches presented by the two authors can thus be read as complementary, and likewise, used as a starting point for a discussion of the way the two books contribute to a comprehensive understanding of recent Yemeni history and some of the challenges currently facing Yemen and Yemen studies.

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