1 Sam 6:1–7:1 marks the third stage in the story of the ark's wanderings as related in the "Ark Narrative": after its capture by the Philistines (1 Samuel 4) and stay in Philistia (1 Samuel 5), the ark now returns to the land of Israel prior to its definitive transfer to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6). This article investigates Josephus's retelling of the biblical account of the ark's return in Ant. 6.7–18 comparing this both with the major witnesses to the text of 1 Sam 6:1–7:1 (MT, 4QSama, LXX, and Targum) as well as extrabiblical traditions about the episode. Specific questions addressed include: the text-form(s) of 1 Sam 6:1–7:1 available to Josephus, the rewriting techniques applied by him, and the distinctive features of his presentation of the ark's homecoming.

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