After John 1:1–3 described the Word (compare Tg. Isa 45:12) and John 1:4–10 described the light (compare Isa 60:1–2), John 1:11–13 described the unbelievers and believers as perceived in Aramaic tradition related to Isa 53:1–2a, and John 1:14 described the unique and glorious Messiah predicted in the tradition related to Isa 53:2b. He that cometh was identified as Jesus Messiah in John 1:15–17, and v. 18 asserted that the unique Son, the Father's beloved, governed for the unseen God. "Like the sucker" in Isa 53:2a was taken to refer to the believer(s), and the ambiguous simile was interpreted as like a seed sprouting (Mark 4:26–27) and as like a little child (10:15). Aramaic tradition interpreted the sucker as "the righteous," and Rom 1:16–17 argued that God's righteousness is revealed in those who "believe" the "good news," interpreting "faith" in Hab 2:4 in accordance with the faith perceived in Isa 53:1.

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