According to Mark 1:7 John the Baptist expected the coming of someone perceived as predicted in Isa 5:26–27. According to Matt 24:30 Jesus expected to come as the individual perceived in Isa 5:26–30 and the Targum (Aramaic interpretation), and so the "sign" of his coming meant the "sign" in Isa 5:26, and the "clouds" meant the "clouds" in Isa 5:30 and Targumic tradition. Messianic Isa 11:10 and Aramaic tradition inspired John 14:2– 3, and Mark 13:27 coheres dictionally with Tg. Isa 11:12. The messianic interpretation of Psalm 8 in Mark 2:10, 28 was preceded by one in 1 Cor 15:27, and the messianic interpretation of Isa 5:26–30 in Mark 13:26 was preceded by one in 1 Thess 4:13–18 ("the word of the Lord" = Isa 5:26–30).

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