Interdisciplinarity is increasingly celebrated in theology, biblical studies, and in the wider humanities. Enthusiasm brims when Johannine scholarship, for instance, avails itself of trauma theory, reader-response criticism, postcolonial studies, or social-scientific methodologies.

But what happens when the Gospel of John meets confessional theology within the academic guild? And what if such interdisciplinarity takes up space in that genre of writing most readily identified as belonging to the domain of biblical studies: the commentary?

David Ford’s “theological commentary” on John carefully, yet naturally—at times even effortlessly—threads together theology and biblical scholarship. His work therefore provides one of the most significant opportunities in contemporary academic discourse for evaluating afresh the long-standing tensions between theology and biblical studies, while also offering an insightful and accessible reading of the Fourth Gospel.

The book certainly looks like a commentary in that it follows the conventional format: each chapter begins with an introduction to the biblical...

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