Scholars have long puzzled over the citation of Isa 55:3 in Acts 13:34: “I will give you the holy and sure blessings promised to David [τὰ ὅσια Δαυὶδ τὰ πιστά]” (NIV). Building on the work of Peter J. Gentry on Isa 55:3, this essay argues that the difficulty arises because scholars have had in mind the wrong David. Rather than anything given or promised to historical David, τὰ ὅσια Δαυὶδ τὰ πιστά refers to Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection, not historical David. Toward that end, this essay first notes the connection forged between historical David and Jesus in the context leading up to Acts 13:34. Second, it offers an alternative construal of the logic of Acts 13:34–35. Finally, it presents a Christological interpretation of the phrase τὰ ὅσια Δαυὶδ τὰ πιστά that seeks to answer the questions “what?” and “whose?” with reference to Christ, the second David, and his death and resurrection.

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