The NT authors’ use of the OT continues to be a matter of ongoing discussion, debate, and disagreement. The relevant issues are complex (e.g., textual, hermeneutical, historical, cultural, and theological) and it seems the only point on which all can agree is the importance of the issue. This article will not attempt to address all these issues at a broad or theoretical level but rather will focus specifically on the use of Amos 9:11–12 in Acts 15 with a particular emphasis on how the text contributes to James’s argument for Gentile inclusion in light of the parousia. While it would be too strong to say that James’s use of Amos 9:11–12 is paradigmatic, it does shed important light on how the early church may have understood and applied OT texts Christologically. This article will consist of five parts: (1) an overview of Acts 15:1–35, (2) an examination of Acts 15:13–21, (3) a review of the textual issues with the quotation, (4) James’s use of Amos 9:11–12, and (5) concluding implications.

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