Alma Brodersen is a postdoctoral researcher in Old Testament Theology at the University of Bern, Switzerland. The End of the Psalter, published by Baylor University Press, is a revision of her doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford, where she was supervised by Professor John Barton.

Brodersen provides an in-depth comparative analysis of Pss 146–50 in the MT, the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS), and the LXX. The MT was chosen because it contains the oldest and complete manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible. The DSS provide value to the study, because they are the earliest Hebrew manuscripts preserved for Pss 146–50. The LXX is included in the comparison because, even though it is a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, it contains the earliest manuscripts available.

Brodersen contests the idea that Pss 146–50 should be read as one group, often called the “Final Hallel.” Instead, she argues that the five...

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