This article focuses on the description of the eschatological inte-gration of non-Israelite polities in the restored Davidic kingdom in Amos 9:11–12. The text describes this process using both language of “dispossession” (with ירשׁ), evocative of the description of Israel’s initial possession of Canaan by force in the Book of Joshua, and the phrase “over whom [Yhwh’s] name is called,” which refers to Yhwh’s ownership of his covenant people and never involves military conquest. The article seeks to resolve the apparent tension between these two aspects of the process by proposing a sense of ירשׁ that reflects the dynamics of the context in Amos 9 and concludes by correlating Amos 9:11–12 with several related biblical texts in order to sketch its significance for the Book of the Twelve and biblical theology.

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