Authors Longman and Walton are two of the most credible evangelicals writing today in OT scholarship. In The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology and the Deluge Debate, they present a humble, conscientious, and insightful sequence of arguments on the factuality and theology of the biblical flood story.

Their comments on the story proceed through 17 sections called “propositions” rather than “chapters.” Each proposition lays down a significant interpretive principle whose understanding is essential to appreciating the authors’ work. Any fair critique of their arguments or conclusions requires proper understanding of their presuppositions and the propositions that express them.

Propositions are grouped into four parts of varying length. The six propositions of part one (pp. 1–50), on method, set forth the writers’ basic rules of interpretation and explain how they are applied. In part two, pp. 51–87, propositions seven and eight comment on similarities and differences between the...

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