“No nation has been subjected to a wider range of biblical attitudes and emotions than Edom” (p. 1). The ironic relationship between Israel and Edom has been one of the perennially challenging issues in biblical studies. Elie Assis has now added his own voice to the discussion of the relationship between Edom and Israel, analyzing biblical, rabbinic, and medieval texts relating to this conflict and offering new suggestions about anti-Edomite ideology among the Jews in the Postexilic Period.

This volume consists of four main parts (with a total of 13 chapters as well as an introduction and an afterword): brotherhood and rivalry between Jacob and Esau in Genesis (chs. 1–2) and in the preexilic biblical literature (ch. 3), versus anti-Edomite ideology in the prophetic writings (chs. 4–12) and in rabbinic and medieval literature (ch. 13).

Chapter 1 presents a succinct overview of the close fraternal relationship between Israel and Edom....

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