In Ps 45, the bridegroom king and the bride are portrayed notably alike. Illustrating their similarities, this article also tries to explain these similarities in light of the speech that the bride hears in vv. 11–13. The bride, whom this article will argue is from Tyre, is advised to forget her people and her home and submit totally to her husband-to-be. This counsel to “forget,” as I will show, is an allusion to God’s promise to Abraham in Gen 12:1–3 and also explains why a foreign bride may share the glory and splendor that an Israelite king enjoys. I will then examine the canonical position of Ps 45 in the Hebrew Psalter. While all four psalms in Pss 45–48 promulgate the universal reign of the divine, both Pss 45 and 47 allude to the same Abrahamic promise.

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